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C-USA Had A Decent Weekend: Review of Week One

If – for a moment – we are looking away from our own offensive (in more than one way) horror show, we can see that C-USA had a pretty decent weekend:

The good:

  • UTSA had a more than nice win over Houston (27-7).
  • WKU pasted last years MAC champion Bowling Green 59-31, and it was clearer than the result suggests.
  • A UAB win over Troy might not be a huge surprising, but the 48-10 margin sure is more than could be expected
  • UTEP beat UNM 31 to 24, on the road no less. Improvement over last season seems on its way.
  • MTSU pasted FCS Savannah State 61-7. That may not be awesome, but it is showing they are largely ready for the season.

Largely as expected:

  • Marshall beat Miami OH 42-27. That may not be the expected margin or the one Marshall needs if it wants a shot at a big boys bowl or the playoff, but it is a win over a very real FBS program.
  • ODU beat Hampton 41-28. That too is a win that could be expected, but you still gotta get it.
  • Rice lost to Notre Dame (17-48) , but looked rather ok doing so.
  • Oklahoma pasted La Tech 48-16, and it was mostly the 4th quarter that made it look a bit more respectable. Still no disaster for La Tech to lose like that to a playoff contender.

Slightly worse than expected:

  • FAU losing to Nebraska could be expected, 55-7 is a bit clearer than necessary.
  • UNTs loss to Texas (38-7) is the same story as for FAU
  • And I guess Southern Miss’ loss to Miss state (49-0) also falls into that category

The Ugly

  • FIU lost 12-14 to FCS Bethune Cookman. I wish I could say I’m surprised.


While there were also a few bad spots, the UTSA win over Houston is already a notable start C-USA lacked last season, and no team other than FIU lost a game it should’t have. Frankly with FIU things are so bad, this is not even a loss of quality over last season. What is particularly nice are the wins by UTEP and UAB, which signal that the bottom tier of the conference is significantly improved this season.

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