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Bringing the Breakdown to the MGN

Good afternoon Mean Green Nation!

First off, I just want to say that I’m honored to be joining forces with Mean Green Nation. I think that this team up will provide a great opportunity for both MGN and The Breakdown to build something worth your time. The reason I’m joining forces with MGN is because I believe that together we can develop something that is different for UNT fans. I believe we can bring y’all a site that provides intelligent analysis, statistical breakdowns, humorous banter, and much much more. Stay tuned in because there are big things in store for Mean Green Nation folks.

Now to let you inside my world for a little bit:

  1. Die Hard UNT Fan
  2. Started The Mean Green Break Down last year
  3. Spend ample amount of time researching UNT’s opponents. Don’t want to just blow-smoke up your butt. Talking upwards of 20+ hours.
  4. Not my only job. If it was you could expect a lot more numbers and stats and analysis.
  5. Not just going to talk football. I probably love basketball more.
  6. Cleveland Browns Fan. You don’t have to apologize.
  7. Husband. Yes my wife is on board with this too.
  8. Born and raised in Schulenburg, TX. Kountry Bakery enough said.
  9. Dedicated to giving UNT fans and followers a new and unique product.

Again I’d like to thank MGN for brining me on to help him build something that we are proud of and that you guys enjoy! I look forward to dishing out some hard core stats and analysis that will only be found right here on Mean Green Nation!

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