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Board of Regents gives Lane Rawlins Permission to Move to CUSA

Via Bret Vito:

The North Texas board of regents delegated authority to president Lane Rawlins to examine the school’s options in conference alignment and quickly move to a new league should the opportunity present itself Wednesday night.

That is the official line. We all know that there would not have been any special teleconferences called to address this matter if there weren’t an offer made behind the scenes, though.

Everyone is betting that CUSA was going to offer UNT a spot in the league and most scenarios and predictions include us, as well. I heard whispers about this from the athletic department with no official statements to back anything up.

This is the most we’ve heard on these rumors from the school yet. Rick Villareal like to play it close to the vest, huh?

Stay tuned for more.

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