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Beyond The Green Ep. 506 Recap

We do not often do this, but we have a little time on this Friday so we can talk about Beyond The Green this week.

  1. Brandon Garner has long been one of my favorite players. Joking on the sideline and on the field is great — life is short and there is no reason to go through all of it in misery. His recap of his career was an exercise in anti-nostalgia. I, too, remember the highs of the HOD bowl win and the lows of the 2015 season.
  2. All the talk about physically dominating an opponent and crushing their souls and whatnot was a sharp contrast to this piece by Drew Magary, in which he discusses the departed John Gagliardi, who famously eschewed such talk.
  3. Is it me, or does Seth Littrell look like he runs out of things to say on the pregame and halftime speeches? It looks like he is trying to remember a point.
  4. Graham Harrell saying that the reason NT could not run was because of lack of effort was interesting. Mostly, it was missed blocks from my perspective.
  5. I have seen too many of these types of shows — from the original: Hard Knocks to the Amazon stuff, to the Netflix things, to these — that (while still very good) I can see the seams. There is room for some variety in presentation, no?
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