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Beer at Apogee

The University announced today that beer will flow at Home games. Rejoice!

The move is one that was long-desired, and the reasons for doing so are ones that the fan base has long touted as positives.

“Selling beer [at UNLV]helped to more carefully regulate alcohol consumption and encouraged more fans to watch the game in the stadium,” he said. “It also cumulatively improved revenues.”

Rick V thinks sales of snack-ages will rise too.

“The first year, you’re kind of going in a little bit blind from a revenue standpoint,” he said. “Beer sales will produce part of the sales, but we think that’ll generate additional ticket sales and that’ll generate additional snack sales.”

GoMeanGreen poster oldguystudent reports on the possible selection we can expect:

Metzler’s has been running the beer in the club level all along. It’s been bud/Miller/Coors and shiner.

Hopefully this means I can carry a beer out of the club now.

Rejoice! and again I say Rejoice!

Except for the shitty beer part.

This is an all-around win for everyone except for the teetotalers that are anti-Beerverages. I’m sure we’ll hear plenty from that crowd.

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