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Athletic Fee Vote Held Up A Second Time

SGA Tweet:

On February 16, 2018 at 5:00pm., the Election Board received a formal complaint regarding the 2018 SGA/GSC Intercollegiate Atheltics and Student Service Fee Referendum. The hearing will be held within 72 hours of the time the complaint was submitted. The involved parties will be notified of the complaint immediately so that the hearing can be set. The results of the Referendum will be withheld until the decision from the hearing has been decided.

Emily Vasquez
Election Board Commisioner
Student Government Association


UNT students originally voted on the proposal late last year. Results never were announced. UNT’s student government ruled that¬†athletic fee opponents violated election rules and scheduled a second vote for this week.

Several fliers were distributed physically and electronically that opposed the fee that included the SGA logo, a violation of the organization’s rules.

No results from this week’s second vote were announced. Outside colleges, election results¬†typically are released immediately, and then election challenges are heard by an impartial body

This is the second time NT students have voted on the fee increase and the second time the vote results were challenged. The previous complaint was a technicality but had merit. The details of this one are unknown at this time. Presumably the hearing will have to take place this weekend during a holiday — the language does not specify if the 72 hours are in business days or just 72 hours of time, but we are assuming the latter.

We should hear something by Tuesday. This comes on the heels of UTSA students voting ‘no’ on a similar — but much different — increase this semester.

To this blog, the fee increase is nominal but then again it isn’t my money I’m voting with.

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