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Addition and Subtraction

The most memorable moment this season had to be Antoinne Jimmerson skipping through the Louisiana-Lafayette defense to score on a screen pass on ESPN2. He was elusive, and the fan favorite in the backfield. He also tried to steal some clothes at Golden Triangle Mall today. He and Freddie Warner, he of the double-knee injury, both were arrested today.

I won’t editorialize on the breaks given to athletes compared to regular folk much more than saying this: when Regular Guy does a good job the city isn’t super pumped the next day. I’m sure they’ll face some team discipline. The worst case scenario is that they are kicked off the team. While it would be terrible to lose a dynamic playmaker like Jim Jim, the position is pretty deep. Reggie Pegram, Brandin Byrd, and a couple of other guys should soften the blow a little. The defensive back spot is already extremely thin. Xavier Kelly, DQ Johnson, David Busby and others will have another year of practice to get better and compete for a spot that Hilbert Jackson and Zac Whitfied (former running back!) occupy. DM pretty much said that the group wasn’t good enough to risk putting more than the base set out there on passing downs so a non-injury loss of an experienced talent like Warner will put even more pressure on them.

Enter James Jones. He committed today — which still doesn’t mean much until he inks that LOI — and will play corner next season. His Hudl video is here, in case you are into that sort of thing. It’s a nice feather in DM’s hat, as he apparently outrecruited Houston, TCU, and Mississippi State.


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