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Actually Packing Apogee

The effort in promoting this game are much appreciated. The Mean Green fandom — such that it is — has been clamoring for this kind of effort for years.

The previous administration offered platitudes while the new administration is breaking out deals for both students, and the general public. It is exciting to see the entire department pulling in one direction. The team is good this season and that makes things easier, but Athletic Director Wren Baker has been advancing the cause since last year.

Each message — including the Michigan State issue — includes a little call to action to come out for the next game. That’s marketing 101 there and does not take overly complicated marketing skills, just attention to the details.

Baker to Brett Vito:

“It’s an opportunity for us to showcase that football matters at North Texas and that we are behind the program,” Baker said. “I don’t want to put pressure on our coaches and players, but this is a game against a school that has become a rival and draws interest. It’s important to maximize the opportunity.”

From the $5K for student organizations to the 35for35 offer for general admission, there is a sense that the Athletic Department is doing more than just opening the door and waiting for people to walk in.

That’s good.

Is This The Biggest Game In Apogee’s History?

NTD’s Brady Keane thinks so. A good argument can be made that the 2013 Halloween game against Rice that clinched bowl eligibility for the first time in about a decade.

This is definitely a big game and probably bigger than the 2013 home game vs UTSA near the end of the season. The issue then was that getting to the CUSA title game would have been great but becoming a winning team was more immediately important and meaningful.

Now, with two bowl appearances since Nov 2013, the circumstances are different. North Texas is not merely contented winning more than 3 games in a year. It is no longer Why Not North Texas? it is This Is North Texas.

This is as it should be. There should be a series of increasingly important games at your home venue if you run your program the right way. If this program continues the trend line the next Most Important Game should be December 2nd, hosting the CUSA Title Game.

It is like a game where you beat a series of bosses. Now that NT has won The Opener, and The First Conference Game, and now must face First Real Threat.

If nothing else NT looks like it is competing both on and off the field to live up to the #newDenton hashtag.

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