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A Different Perspective

Mrs.NTM says,

Thanks to my husband, NTM as you may know him, I have been “following” UNT basketball this season.

We bought season tickets and have attended as many home games as our schedules have permitted. Seeing them play so frequently has reminded me how much I actually enjoy watching live basketball. Live sports in general tend to be much more entertaining to me than trying to watch at home with so many other distractions–the remote, the kitchen, my computer, pretty much anything else.

I think we have a great team. Josh White, Tristan Thompson (or Crispan as I call him…because I misheard the announcer and it stuck), George “Odufu-Who” Odufuwah, and Jason Holmen are who I consider to be our star players. I’m not sure where Jason Holmen really falls on the list but he stands out to me. Those are the names I remember after games. They make clutch plays and are our top scorers, save for Jason Holmen who’s more like 7th in average points.

OK I already feel stupid for saying “clutch plays” when it probably wasn’t appropriate so please don’t re-read that part.

My point is, we have an entertaining team. Most nights they’re fun to watch. But when they’re off, they’re really off. When they have a bad night there’s no defense what so ever and the best they can do is throw a hand in the face of the guy about to shoot right before he takes the shot, when it’s really to late to throw him off.

That stuff is frustrating to see. I don’t really get how teams go through these highs and lows, especially having never been an athlete myself. Our team definitely seems to thrive on the energy of the home crowd, which sucks because half the season consists of away games.

I dunno. That’s about all I can make of it at the moment.

I’ll leave the more complex analysis to NTM.

Take it away babe.

Editor Note:

I find all those mistakes cute. What can I say? I’m in love.

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