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A Break not a Breakup


Dear Mean Green Nation,


After careful consideration I’ve decided to take a break from the blog world. The decision was not an easy one, because I enjoy what I do here. Really I would like to do more, and make this site the best site for analysis on Mean Green Sports. At this time I can’t devote the time needed to get there. I’m not going to sit here and pump out crapy products just have a post like some sites do. Believe it or not I spend an extra 105+ hours a week devoted to North Texas sports. Just kidding I’m not Jaw from ESPN. Although that would be cool. This year took me and this site to new highs and I hope that continues. This is only a break not a break up. I will be back, not sure when but I will be back with a fire in my eyes to turn this site into greatness. It is quite possible that I return with a different role. Maybe Im just covering basketball? Who knows? I do appreciate the readership and listeners. You guys make this possible. Look for my return in the future.


Finally let me end with this. You may want to stop reading now, because I’m about to rant.


I’m fed up with the state of North Texas athletics. The fanbase is in some kind of ugly funk. It’s depressing to see. It’s depressing to see the tweets and read the fan forums. It’s depressing to see the divide. What the hell is going on here? The other night UNT’s Womens BBall team has a monumental win and some jackwagon has to immediately go to the oh the AD made that hire and all is well. No sir  not all is well. The divide is deep, and you can’t have a conversation about North Texas athletics without the AD’s name coming up. It just makes me puke. The AD has driven such a wedge in the fanbase that it’s making everyone look like a bunch of stupid asses. I don’t care whether you are for the guy or against him, but geez we look dumb. Personally I’d like to see him removed, because he can’t fix the problem himself. When you’ve constantly lied to the fanbase and driven off fans you can’t really fix it. The only ones who trust him are those big money donors that he has brown nosed for a long time. He is the ultimate puppet. Of course they are going to stand behind him, because he is their guy. So the little guy fans are fighting for something that they can’t change, and the big money fans and the AD are just laughing. Sure they will get pissed at a few things, but ultimately they know the only man that can institute change is the President. The President is a good man, but is he willing to piss off the BOR and big money folks just please little fans? No he won’t, because that isn’t good business. Now he can ensure that this next coach hire is one where he has a ton of say. If you believe those who know, then that’s what’s happening. That really is the only hope for the future is that the President hires a great head football coach who can mend the broken fences. A coach that can bring the little fans back. In the mean time the little fans are left to fight with big money fans and other little fans that support the AD. It’s like a bad soap opera, its garbage. Someone with power needs to pull their heads out of their butts and get a better understanding of what’s going on. Has it really come to this for our program? Has it come to the point where the AD is spending time tracking coaching rumor leaks on fan websites? I mean really that is pretty childish. Just like spending time to respond to fan mail that criticizes you. Come on be better. Grow some stones and do your job better. Quit acting like a child going to your mom every time someone calls you out or does something you don’t like. How can the minority get under your skin so much? You’ve threatened law suits against old fan websites for stuff too? Come on man get some tougher skin and suck it up. My message as I wrap this up is  BE BETTER! Be better Mr. AD and reevaluate how you do your job and run your departments. Be better big money fans, don’t buy everything the AD is selling you. Don’t cave into the power he gives. Challenge him. Be better little money fans, and quit the in fighting. It’s time to rally the troops and quit being so damn childish. Everyone be better people. I promise to be better when I return.



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