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5 Takeaways from CUSA Media Days

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MacLeod noted her frustration with the Big 12’s announcement to move from 10 teams to either 12 or 14. Aside from that, she said the league would respond accordingly if any C-USA schools left for another conference like the AAC. Various coaches from around the league echoed the some message. Some offered their overall thoughts on expansion in college football, but declined to comment on how it may affect C-USA.

Judy MacLeod is in an unenviable position. The TV deal is crap, the conference could be poached yet again, and that means adding new members. Speaking of that TV Deal:

MacLeod was asked how confident are league officials that the television market will be in a better place in two years when it’s time to renegotiate a new deal. “We’re not confident,” MacLeod replied. One thing is for certain: the TV landscape will change, it just may not be a good change for the league. She said it’s C-USA’s job to find the next path, whatever that may be.


A throng of about 10 reporters swarmed Skip Holtz on Monday afternoon when Louisiana Tech’s coach made his way to the Bulldogs’ table. Holtz held his own for about 25 minutes in his typical jovial manner that produced plenty of laughs. That was about the extent of any resemblance of a buzz the entire afternoon.

CUSA Media Days were boring.

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