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5 and One-Half Things I’m Looking Forward To This Season

  1. A “better” shade of green. While I support the notion that we own all the greens ever green’d, I do allow that some are better than others. The new one is better than last year’s.

  2. Unfettered Canales. I’ve never been the fanniest fan, Fan fans, but I recognize a decent play-caller and offensive mind when I see him. Canales was chained and I think we’ll get as close to seeing what he can do as we have since Chase Baine was taking snaps and taking pics with chicks at the pool.

  3. Tenn-Eye-See. Neyland y’all. Can’t wait for my eyes to be burnt out by un-burnt orange and white checkerboard patterns every where. I’m hoping for more of a game like Georgia 2013 than Texas 2014.

  4. Carlos Harris. I’ve been on this bandwagon for his entire run here. He’s the new Johnny Quinn, the new Casey Fitzgerald, the new Brelan (sans kick returns). This is high praise but also very sad.

  5. The tiniest glimmer of hope at feeling the feelings we felt in 2013. Remember that? Good times. [Looks wistfully at nothing in particular] [thinks about rushing the field at the Cotton Bowl]

5.5 Beating Smoo

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