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2018 Recruiting Update

The job never ends, there is no offseason, there are no off days.

This thing is a grind and the NT staff is out here evaluating and making offers. MGN is compiling the list of offers as we can gather and verify them. The recruiting services are still the primary source of much of the heavy lifting, of course.

The problem is that all of NT’s targets are not necessarily evaluated or priority for the recruiting experts. After all, the fandom as a group prefers the cheaper, amateur option over a paid Rivals site. This is fine. I am just pointing out the circumstances and the consequences of our collective action (inaction?).

247 Lists some 29 offers We have not caught up to all of them just yet. There are some interesting offers here. First the entire list of offers we took a look at:

The most interesting, and probably hopeful offer is Spencer Sanders, the Denton Ryan QB who has lots of stars next to his name: ★ ★★ ★. He is already committed to OSU, and so it will take a hell of a recruiting effort to swing him to NT.

That aside, WR Tommy Bush stood out as the most impressive of the early looks. He is from Schertz Clemens (Go Buffs!), and put up some ridiculous numbers at a Houston camp. North Texas could use a big, strong, fast WR. There is already a ton of interest (that performance got everyone excited) and so the work to land Bush will be enormous. Meanwhile, Ryan WR Tauskie Dove is really intriguing. He has not been pored over by the scouts at the recruiting sites, but MGN likes his size and ball skills. His numbers are good but he is also catching beautifully thrown passes from Sanders.

Elsewhere on the list Esteban Avila and Hakeem White look intriguing. The 2016 season renewed all our belief that a team cannot have too many good lineman.

Defensively, Tyler Lacy and Jaylon Hutchings (not on 247’s list) are really interesting. Frisco’s Nick Bolton looks like a smart, patient LB with explosiveness through the gaps. One of the defensive coaches on Frisco Lone Star: former NT CB/WR Brandon Jackson.

Another reach, given his connections to the school is Byron Hanspard II. His father was a standout at Tech, and played for the Falcons in the NFL. It is really hard to imagine him wearing anything other than red in college but NT has Tech alumni on the staff that could maybe help in this area. Again, a reach. He is a good corner, though.

There will be more recruiting coverage on MGN this year, so keep an eye out.

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