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2017 Spring Practice Begins

Does it feel like two months have passed since we last discussed NT Football? Sure signing day was a thing but this is actual on-field stuff happening.

DRC sent Vito to practice to cover things. This observation seemed familiar:

The expectation heading into the spring was that the Mean Green would move to a 3-3-5 stack that differs slightly from what UNT ran last season. … UNT ran a defense with a three-man front last season as well, but used a slightly different system.

Feel like I have read that before.

While we all will devour the practice reports, we will not learn very much from this time. Everyone can take some time to get better. The coaches will look at some unusual variations, tinker a bit here and there, and make some projections. This is what the Spring is supposed to be about. Thus far Jeff Wilson is recovering –this is a good thing — while some others are making plays and shaking the rust off — Mason Fine. This is also good.

On top of everything, the coaches and players will be getting used to each other. Troy Reffett is the dude now, and there are new line coaches and a new ST guy. Things are the same but different. While all this is important and something to be conscious of, this sport is one of constant change. Everyone everywhere is getting used to something that is new and so we will not make too much of it. After all, a good portion of this group adapted to an entirely new coaching staff and won five games. You maybe could make the argument that the staff rotation is helping to keep things fresh and not let anyone get too used to things.

If you are wondering how much weight to put into any practice all stars, the answer is not too much. Three months of summer and another month of fall practice is ample time to reshuffle the roster and depth chart a handful of times.

None of that means you should not enjoy the time. It is scientifically Spring now, so enjoy it y’all.

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