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2017 New Orleans Bowl 2nd Half: Troy 43 – NT 23

North Texas began the second half with an interception. That was indicative of the next 30 minutes of game time. The Trojans dominated the third quater after that mostly on the strenght of the efficiency of the offense.

Troy got touchdowns while NT managed just one FG. NT was pressing for a comeback and Troy was waiting for everything NT had.

The fade routes had success, the run game was abandoned, and Mason Fine was pressured every throw. This pressure had a cumulative effect on him, as his throws became more questionable and Troy managed another interception in the endzone.

That about sealed things. At that tpoint Troy could do what they do best — run the ball with their big backs and throw quick screens.

There is a tendency to put the bulk of the game’s responibility on the defense but the offense was the one with a mere 3.3 yards per play at 7:37 in the 4th.

More from New Orleans to come.

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