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2017 Jeff Wilson Stat Watch

While we are officially on 1K watch for Jeff Wilson, he is on pace for about 1500. That would put him at about third in the NT single-season list. Actually he’s on pace for 1554, which would put him a yard ahead of Lance’s 2010 season.

Rushing Yards

  1. Jamario Thomas — 2004 — 1,801
  2. Patrick Cobbs — 2003 — 1,680
  3. Lance Dunbar — 2010 — 1,553
  4. Bernard Jackson — 1978 — 1,453
  5. Lance Dunbar — 2009 — 1,378
  6. Kevin Galbreath — 2002 — 1,298
  7. Patrick Cobbs — 2005 — 1,154
  8. Malcolm Jones — 1980 — 1,144
  9. Kevin Galbreath — 2001 — 1,119
  10. Lance Dunbar — 2011 — 1,115

Source: NT Record and Fact Book

For reference Lance’s best game was the 270-yard, 3 TD effort on 22 attempts against KSU in the finale (also had 3 catches, 35 yards and another score). His worst was 11 carry, 30 yard effort against FIU.

Jeff Wilson’s best game thus far is the 211 yard game last weekend and his worst was the SMU game in which he only managed 36 on 13 carries.

If the offense can keep the safeties honest, he should have enough running room to get lots of yardage. Southern Miss is stingy defensively and hasn’t allowed much rush yardage thus far. They rank fifth in the league in rush yards allowed per game (119.33) right above NT (124.55). The big 67-yard rush by ULM was by the QB on a keeper.

Kentucky was held to only 78 yards on 35 carries but they aren’t particularly good. They’ve only managed 3.85 YPC in four games including only 5.31 against FCS Eastern Kentucky. FCS Southern is a bad team and is injured. There won’t be acres of space to run in, but Jeff will have a tough time getting a lot of space. Historically NT is able to run vs USM (Wilson with 136 on 22 in ’15 and Ivery with 111 on 18 in ’16).

Here are the rest of the teams on the schedule and their conference rush rank and rush yards allowed per game.

Team Rank RYAPG
UTSA 1st 86
FAU 14th 259
ODU 10th -T 179.75
LATECH 12th 186
UTEP 13th 247.75
RICE 7th 135.5

UTSA has not played a good team. FAU played Navy. UTEP got lit up by Rice and Arizona for 3 bills each. Army allowed 250+ to Ohio St. and Tulane, an option team.

For some NT is probably the best rushing team they will have faced, and for others, the one of the more complete offensive teams.

Obviously the big question is if he can stay healthy. So far so good. (Cross your fingers)

Edit: Getting 1554 would put him third all time in NT history, just behind Lance Dunbar and Patrick Cobbs and just ahead of Jamario Thomas.

Edit 2:

  1. Lance Dunbar — 2008-11 — 4,224
  2. Patrick Cobbs — 2001-05 — 4,050
  3. Jamario Thomas — 2004-07 — 3,496
  4. Ja’Quay Wilburn — 1997-2000 — 3,120
  5. Jeff Wilson — 2014-PRES — 2,507

If he were to get 2K exactly, Jeff would finish just behind the great Patrick Cobbs at 3,989. (Knocks on wood).

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