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2017 CUSA Power Rankings Week 7

USA had a moment this week. North Texas and UTSA provided the kind of drama that could be clipped and posted all over the place and it was. CUSA helpfully shrank the video for ease of sharing and all enjoyed the Fine Moment.

North Texas have made their way to the top of this week’s power rankings by winning the Game Of The Week.

1. NT (2)

Mason Fine drove his team 98 yards in 57 seconds — the second time in two game weeks where NT has gone 95+ yards for a score. Having beaten two of the preseason division favorites in back-to-back games, NT has shown enough defense to compliment the league’s best offense to take the top spot.

2. Marshall (1)

Marshall drops because NT soared, but Marshall took their turn beating ODU. This game was close for three quarters until Marshall scored 21 in the fourth. Marshall has a good defense but really needs to show more offensively. They visit MTSU on Friday and should really handle the Blue Raiders.

3. So Miss (3)

USM dropped a game they led against NT, then beat a good UTSA, and then handled things against UTEP. UTEP had a 12-play 50 yard drive that ended in a punt but took up 7 minutes and USM had three turnovers (and one on downs) in the first half. They controlleld this game despite having a poor offensive game. This week they will need a good all-around game to compete with the guys in Ruston.

4. LT (4)

The Bulldogs had a week off to recover from the upset in Birmingham, and will host a very good USM team in this rivalry game. It may be weird seeing LT up here but, again, they barely lost to UAB in a game they probably win were it played again. This is a power ranking not a league table. If LT is the team I think they are, they take care of USM in Ruston.

5. FAU (6)

FAU was resting on Boca Raton. Lane Kiffin was building hype and recruiting new players for the surprising Owls as they prepared for North Texas.

6. UAB (8)

UAB is ahead of schedule, beating MTSU 25-23 late. They take on a poor Charlotte and should win that ahead of a huge game against USM. Depending on what happens with North Texas in Florida, the 10/28 game against the 9ers might see UAB tie NT atop the division.

7. UTSA (5)

UTSA drops not because they lost. No, they played well enough to win — even sporting a 99% win probability at one point. No they drop because they do not believe in themselves — calling a players only meeting and Frank Wilson disallowing post-practice player interviews.

8. WKU (7)

WKU is still being penalized for their poor performance against UTEP although this was a nice return to form against Charlotte. Still, this was Charlotte.

9. FIU (10)

Tulane looked really good last week and FIU looked unready for prime time last week. Now? Well FIU got a big win at home 23-10. Still, this looked like an anomoly. We are waiting and seeing with FIU. They travel to FIU next and that should be very telling.

10. MTSU (9)

Middle Tennessee is reeling. UAB is good, but MTSU should be better. They should get handled by Marshall but Friday nights are strange.

11. ODU (11)

The Monarchs host WKU in a big Friday night game. The top of college football has seen crazy happenings on Fridays and this might be the CUSA version. ODU has no business beating WKU and that is why it could happen.

12. Rice (12)

Rice travels to UTSA in what should be a get-right game for the Roadrunners. Rice is coming off a bye and they might have a few tricks up their sleeves but that will not be enough. Still, Rice played UTSA really closely last year, requiring a late drive by UTSA to win.

13. UTEP (13)

UTEP was handed more than a few chances to upset USM and could not capitalize. Two weeks, two golden opportunities and two losses.

14. Charlotte (14)

Charlotte are the punching bags of every CUSA squad now, and faces a really good UAB team in North Carolina.

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