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2016 Schedule Series: Marshall

It is that time, folks. Let us go through wikipedia to see what is Marshall, the university. We are going to learn a little bit about our opponent. We’ve done this before and found out some fun things.

Marshall was funded in 1837, and named after the former Chief Justice John Marshall. It was so named because the local dude who led the meeting was friends with the recently retired Justice. Makes sense. If you are going to found a new school, you name it after a highly respected person you know.

After a break, it was renamed State Normal School of Marshall College. I am starting to think that each and every CUSA school was once a Normal school. We should name this conference Normal Conference.

The football team has been playing since the late 1800s, but is best known for a boatload of wins from 1996 to 2004, when they had Chad Pennington, Randy Moss, and Byron Leftwich. After a blip of the Mark Snyder regime, they have won consistently under current coach Doc Holliday. That dude has a great name.

Oh yeah they won a couple of D1-AA National Titles. We played them way back when and won 7-0. Then we lost 30-13 last season.

I am starting to think that each and every CUSA school was once a Normal school.

If you are like me, you think of the plane crash when you think of this school. I had not seen the Matthew McConaughey movie but after reading this, I think I will. It remains the deadliest plane crash involving a team in US History. The entire town was effected and the movie played a large part in helping everyone heal.

I am pretty damned cynical, and skeptical of the ability of a for-profit endeavor to help folks heal, but Huntington folks (in that piece) said it did. The film crew brought much needed cash to the town and at least temporarily booted the economy. That is cool, if unsustainable.

Marshall plays in Joan C. Edwards Stadium, one of only two college stadiums named after a woman. That’s pretty dope.

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