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2016 DCTF Mag Browsing

New DCTF Magazine is out.

I bought one and turned to page 140. There I found Brett Vito’s preview of North Texas football for 2016. Aside from the broad strokes piece written for the casual football fan, there were some interesting points made.

Seth Littrell:

“…Doesn’t matter what happened in the past good, or bad, because each and every year is a new year.”

This is good propaganda by SL. It builds excitement for the future while acknowledging but diminishing the recent troubles. The problem is the the immediate future is precarious because of the 68-scholarship situation.

The Mean Green didn’t have a player named first- or second-team all-conference for the first time since 1957 and will change offensive and defensive systems.

I had not realized this. Great insight from BV but given the awful season last year it is not very surprising that no one deserved an honor.

RB Jeffery Wilson:

“You get to express yourself in this offense”

DT Bryce English:

“I remember coach Littrell tweeting that UNT will never not be in a bowl again,” …”With the talent that was here before and what we are adding, the sky’s the limit.”

DE Joseph Ozougwu:

” It’s one of the greatest defenses I have seen.” … “We are really good in it.”

These quotes are great to read but this is typical spring/summer excitement and hope. On a normal timeline, Danny Mac’s 2013 kids should be coming into their own right now. Instead we have a couple of partial classes and the remnants of a roster. Jeffery Wilson, and Keshawn McClain are just about our best players with very little proven ability behind or around them.

The defense still has a couple of sub-300 lb DTs protecting the middle, where we were destroyed last season.

Interestingly Brett Vito lists the SMU game as the most important Game of the Year. Elsewhere in the magazine DMN’s Bill Nichols lists SMU’s biggest game as TCU. Rivals writer Mike Craven lists UNT v UTSA as the Roadrunner’s big game.

Oh and Todd Dodge is on the inside cover.

Unrelated: This. Someone with good wikipedia skills should fix this up.

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