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2016 CUSA Kickoff So Far

Ladies and gentlemen, the CUSA Kickoff has been somewhat underwhelming. Were you expecting juicy quotes like is the norm in the SEC? Well nothing of the sort happened. Seth Littrell isn’t the most controversial of types. On the MGN podcast, Greg called him ‘a guy that just wants to go to work’. He’s right. There is a visible discomfort with the unpleasantness when put in the position of Brand Ambassador, as it were. Some folks — like Danny Mac — had a gift for gab. McCarney famously coined Why Not North Texas? and tickled the blogdom with his Grey Goose quip.

Seth? He looks like folks are asking personal questions when he is at the podium. Make no mistake, this isn’t a knock — just an observation. Lord knows that Danny Mac’s smooth talking wore thin amounts the crowd who follow this program closely. While I do not think Seth’s demeanor was a specific quality Rick Villarreal was looking for 1 it certainly didn’t hurt.

MGN will have more on the interview with SL, Jeff Wilson, and Fred Scott had with Ron Thulin later. You can check it out on ESPN3 if you want to hear it for yourself.

  1. I wouldn’t not rule it out, however. 

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