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10 Reasons For Hope Against Marshall

Ed. Note: This was posted in the MGN Slack, which is the coolest, most awesome conversation about our favorite little team ever. I cross posted it here, with only half permission from Greg.

  1. Marshall ranks 12th in CUSA when it comes to total defense. The Herd are giving up 492 yards a game and giving up nearly 42 points per game.
  2. Marshall’s pass defense is giving up 9.4 yards per pass attempt and 16 yards per completion. Against FBS competition Marshall is giving up 17.4 yards per completion which ranks 127th in the nation. Only Rice has a worse passing defense than Marshall.
  3. Marshall is one of the worst 2nd quarter teams in the country. They’ve been outscored 65-39, have been out gained by nearly 200 yards, and have given up 22 explosive plays. The 2nd quarter is the only quarter where the Mean Green have outscored their opponents (45-41)
  4. The Fremeau Efficiency Index (FEI advanced stat rating system) picked North Texas to win 26-24. Rarely do these advanced stat sites pick the underdog to win.
  5. Chase Litton threw 6 of his 8 INTs in road games last year. He is facing a defense that has 3 INTs at home this year. Litton is also facing a pass defense that has held opposing passers to a 47.8% completion percentage at home.
  6. Marshall’s run offense isn’t as good as Rice or MTSU. The Herd rank 9th in CUSA in rushing offense. They’ve faced the 115th, 4th, 90th, and 49th ranked rush defenses. Marshall’s rushing success rate is 106th and NT’s defense rushing success rate is ranked 80th.
  7. North Texas is 2-0 after losses this year.
  8. Marshall’s only road game was 4 hours away in Pittsburgh PA. Denton is 15 hours away. The last time Marshall visited the state of Texas they lost to Rice 24-41. Since 2008 Marshall has gone 1-5 in the state of Texas and have given up and average of 46 points per game.
  9. Jeffrey Wilson had 138 yards against Marshall last year. Marshall has given up 262.5 yards rushing per game in their last 2. Wilson has 7 rushing TDs which is tied for 2nd in CUSA.
  10. Mason Fine has gotten better every game after being demolished by Florida. He is completing 59.8% of his passes in those 2 games. In 2015 & 2014 NT was only able to get above that completion percentage 4 times in 24 total games. Marshall has given up an average of 62.6% completion percentage in the past 2 games.

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