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Why an early signing Period would be good for UNT

So it seems the NCAA is seriously thinking about an early signing period in college football. I am all for it because I think it benefits UNT. here is why:

a) if a major program finds out they were wrong on the projection of a player during his senior season, they might already be locked in. This leaves more good players for mid majors like UNT, and also probably thins the herd for the majors as they will be probable to have more busts.

b) If players who usually might have held out for an offer from a big name program, will have plenty of time to realize, that they are not that high on those programs boards, and will be underdogs to get playing time even with an offer. this benefits mid-majors like UNT.

c) some players will not want to go out of the eary signing period without having certainty. This will force the hand of major programs much more than it will force the hand of a program like UNT.

d) coaching staffs that are good at evaluating and projecting from more time away, what a player will become as compared to where he is now will profit. Particularly if the same staff is maybe only middle of the road at the selling job. I believe UNT has that kind of staff.

e) coaches are saying this would save money for recruiting. That is much more beneficial to mid majors who have limited recruiting budgets than it is to a school like UT Dallas.

f) If you actually find a good player who is commiting early, you might be able to lock him up before the big boys see him playing his senior season and come calling.

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