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Location: San Antonio
Stadium: Alamodome, which seats 65,000 built in 1993.
Head Coach: Frank Wilson
Historical Record: 32-381 in 5 years (began in 2011)
Bowl Games: 0-1
Hate Level: Very Dislike. Much feels.

What began as a mild dislike and mild outrage morphed into outright severe dislike after UNT dropped the final home game of the 2013 season to UTSA. A win would have put UNT in the conference title game (assuming a win at Tulsa) and preserved the perfect home record. Instead, on a cold day in November, UNT fans were introduced to a potential rival. Some fans (including yours truly) consider UTSA a rival squad since they meet the criteria: Regional, Played A Part in Conf Pain, Historical/Cultural Ties. An good number of both sides’ fans feel this isn’t yet at true rival. Overall, UTSA fans hold more hate for Texas State than UNT. Similarly, with the renewal of the SMU rivalry, UNT fans generally have more feelings toward the private school down the road. See George Dunham’s epic rant.

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Important MGN Podcasts: MGN 38, MGN 24,

Notable Posts: UTSA Fans Hate Us, Budding Rivalry, That time I wrote about the loss on CC and got nitpicked to death , Revenge!

Important Things:

Yours Truly is from San Antonio. Upon taking a job back home, I thought it would be good times to start a UTSA blog as they were starting out their football program. As a proud San Antonian, I thought it would be cool for the city. It has been. I had hopes that one day far in the future they could be my alma mater’s rival. Lo, and behold! It has happened much sooner than anyone could have expected.

I briefly lived in a dual world where my reward for following two programs was to get beat down by the worst of both fan bases. I blame Todd Dodge.

Blogs: No good ones anymore.

Rivals: Inside UTSA

Scout: inside runner sports

Message Boards: RowdyTalk. The above sites come with boards but RT is the most popular.

Podcasts: Alamodome Audible

I cannot vouch for any of these. I have not listened to the podcast. You tell me if it is any good.

Recent Results:

Date Time Location Result Att Recaps
Nov 23 2013 2:30 Apogee L 21-13 19,335 UTSA Post Mortem
Nov 29 2014 11:00 am Alamodome L 27-34 24,012 It’s Over
Oct 31 2015 6:00 pm Apogee W 30-23 10,292 Revenge
Oct 29 2016 6:00 pm Alamodome L 31-17 19,553 Quadruple Fine-overs
Oct 14, 2017 6:00 pm Apogee W 29-26 23,068 Miracle at Apogee

Next Matchup:


  1. As of this writing – Oct 3 2017. 

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