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Unofficial Start of 2017 Season

The various conferences have their media days this month ahead of fall practice. Some teams in the Pac-12 will be doing theirs during practice. Your Third Favorite Blogger will make an attempt to join the C-USA Media Days this July 19-20th at the DFW Marriott. Will it be glamorous? I doubt it. Will it be informative? Likely no.

It does signal the unofficial start of college football season. While the CFB Preview industry has been extended all the way back to March, thanks to 120-team previews-as-content-filler, the real useful stuff beings now. The coaches have had their breaks and have been honing their media quotes. The players are ready to sound ‘professional’. The hack writers are scouring the media guides for regurgitat-able facts. The bloggers at the content mills have actual news to report beside Lists of Things.

Unfortunately the utility of the Media Days event has diminished. Last year’s event was boring, and that is not coming from me. These things have been underwhelming for even the most entertaining of conferences the last few years.

Seriously, why have these things become staid and boring? The answer lies — like most things these days — with the Internet. The most die-hard fans already know the things to know. They do not need platitudes in press conferences to tell us that the WR left the program because of grades. The programs use social media — read: twitter, Facebook and IG — to broadcast their message and do not need the media to get the message out. That is not to say the media is useless. No the public needs someone to cut through the messaging to find something approximating the truth. Unfortunately, if the Truth is not TMZ-tabloid stuff it seldom gets the clicks required to keep a place in business. So it goes.

Here is hoping that Lane Kiffin says something controversial.

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