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Tyree Eady Joins North Texas Men’s Basketball

This week we noted the changes to the roster — adding Jayden Martinez, Kai Huntsberry, and Moulaye Sissoko — and the coaching staff. Then came news that North Dakota State transfer Tyree Eady called up former NT player Deng Geu and heard good things about the NT program. He joins the squad and brings veteran savvy and versatility.

Tyree Eady – 6’5″ transfer from North Dakota State who put up about 10ppg last year. He played the three spot his entire career and I imagine he will slide right into that coming up next season. From a brief look at some highlights he can put the ball on the floor and score in traffic. He can step out and shoot it. No one will ask him to do the bulk of the scoring, but not afraid of it. He scored in double-figures 17 times or so in 31 games last year. His high was 22. That is good stuff. We complained late in the year about the over reliance on Perry and Bell and wondered if NT could get scoring from other players. Eady looks like he can add 10 points at least and that is a hell of a lot of scoring in a North Texas offense. We cannot and won’t project numbers right now, but the idea is that NT added another guy that can score and ball out.

Let us adjust the “How Does It All Fit?”

Ball Handlers — Perry, Jones, Huntsberry, Eady
Scorers — Perry, KH, Martinez, Eady
Shooters — Perry, KH, Martinez … Jones is getting there and I liked Scott testing his range and Eady made 34 last year
Bigs — Ousmane, Sissoko
Stretch bigs — Martinez, Scott

Honestly, I am a little skeptical on how the Huntsberry addition will transfer insofar as I don’t know that we will get 20-points per immediately. Scorers score, but the rate at which they do it changes. I like that all additions are from winning programs and have winning attitudes. That means a willingness to work, a willingness to sacrifice and a low tolerance for bullshit.

Another note from Vito’s report is an indicator of how Mac has built the program. Eady called up Geu and asked about North Texas. He heard good things. Building relationships and making sure every one that touches the program has a good experience helps recruit more people to the program later. It is good program building and I am glad to see it paying off. Treat people well as a foundation of your organization and it will return wonders.

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