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Tristan Thomspon: It is all your fault .. Or is it?

I was offered two free tickets to the next home game (or one of my choosing) because of the Snow Game last week.

If you are also a season ticket holder, you were offered the same.

So I have some time to decide which game the Green will decide to play to expectations. We missed out on the chance to see the squad in action tonight, thanks to travel problems in Little Rock. We will instead have to wait for the Western Kentucky game on Saturday (televised by the way.)

It is weird now. The standard storyline has been the Run to Greatness for this team. That has been ruined by either in-fighting and the resulting poor play.

Or has it?

Far be it from me to speculate on the locker room goings-on. I’ll leave that to the better paid. From a fan perspective there isn’t much evidence to blame.

All we have heard is that it is hard to get these guys to commit to defense and Tristan Thompson has been on Johnny Jones’ bad most of the season.

Do we blame that? Tristan, is it your fault?

Seriously, I don’t put it all on him. He has been playing statistically well. Seems to me that the bounces and lucky rolls we were getting last season are going the other way just a little bit more these last few games. Add that to our tendency to not play defense very well and you get losses.


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