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This Pandemic Is Really Messing With This Season

Of course, this is what we figured would happened when teams opened things up. Judging purely from anecdotal position, people have gotten more comfortable doing ‘risky’ things like going out and about and being mask-optional. Some of this is because people have acclimated to the pandemic — it has been seven months and people can adapt to damn-near anything. It also is a result of pandemic-fatigue. People are tired of it and are just trying to ‘live their lives’ and ‘not be run by fear’.

Those are both understandable things, but nevertheless dangerous. MGN has maintained that the powers that be — governments, institutions, powerful actors could have done better to prepare this nation and its people to handle such a pandemic. If you were like me, this past week was spent watching cable news and speculating about the voting preferences of counties I have never stepped foot in 1. Count me among those that think Joseph R. Biden, Jr will be better for the handling of the pandemic than the current president — Donald J. Trump.

The current administration has taken the position that the virus is not as big of a deal as everyone previously thought, and that we should ‘get back to normal’ quicker. I agree that the economy is dependent on something approaching returning to normalcy, but I disagree that simply ignoring it is a useful plan. That the new administration is implementing something of a task force is encouraging. Of course, in Texas, home of the North Texas Mean Green, the current state government is made up of the opposition party than the incoming administration and that always means whatever recommendations will be met with resistance and perhaps some stubbornness.

Whatever your politics, we can agree that the virus needs to be ‘dealt with’ before we get a full football season in the foreseeable future. The current administration said in the Spring that we would be back to normal come July 4th and here we are in November with two-straight cancelled NT games thanks to the ‘Rona. CUSA had four 2 this week.

The problem is that it is far too late to save this season. Basketball is starting soon and the new administration will take power in January. Things are not looking so great. With quality planning and a little self-denial here and there I can see a future for 2021 NT football where we can gather in numbers at Apogee.

Until then we have to deal with this abbreviated, interrupted season where games are postponed and rhythm is fanciful dream.

Remember a month-ago when NT whooped on Middle? I barely remember it also. They were supposed to travel to El Paso to take on UTEP, but that city is dealing with a ridiculous outbreak and NT felt it was unsafe. Then, this week NT had another team outbreak and had to cancel the game against Tech 3 The next game is against UAB, the best team in the division and a team that has played in the last 21 days.

While all the practice that is being done is useful, nothing is better for football players than playing football. If we see the game this week, NT will have a tough challenge in front of them on the field. The hope is that the rest and practice will see a better version of the defense than we have been presented with so far. We also hope to see less of the QB rotation and that Jason Bean picks up where he left off. Thus far we have seen the pitching staff approach from Seth Littrell. He said he would go with the hot hand and well, that is what he has been doing. Why are these guys so inconsistent from one week to another? Surely the staff can take some responsibility for putting them in advantageous positions so their performance can smooth out?

It will be difficult to analyze this week because of the time off. As we said, however, until this virus is controlled we cannot expect different circumstances any time soon.

  1. I think I have been to most of the surrounding Atlanta counties, Clark county, but I have not been to Philly or really anywhere in Pennsylvania.

  2. UTSA vs Rice, Tech vs NT, FIU vs UTEP, and Charlotte vs MTSU

  3. I am using cancel and postpone interchangeably here. The matchup is postponed but the event on the day was cancelled.

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