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The McCaffrey/Fournette Thing

Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette are going to sit out some otherwise unimportant bowl games and prepare for the draft.

For them, it is absolutely the right decision. While some people believe in the beauty of competition and the simple, pure sporting merit of collegiate athletics; those ideas are largely myths.

At best, college football is a minor league that provides a modified college education as nominal compensation. If we going to continue to support the game even with its questionable foundation upon myth, the least we can do is approach it with eyes wide open. That means not moralizing when players make decisions for the benefit of their career.

If they feel skipping the bowl — with the obvious consequence of not joining their teammates — is in the best interest of their future, then so be it. These bowls are glorified (over glorified?) exhibition games.

They do have meaning … for some teams. For example:¬†little old NT, with none of the history of an Alabama, and an even smaller fraction of the publicity and money, a bowl game in Dallas against Army presents a vastly different opportunity¬†than it does for LSU or Stanford.

As always, please consider the circumstances before firing off the Hot Sports Opinion Cannon.

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