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Troy wins again

I’ll admit that I had some hopes for this year’s squad after the performances vs Clemson and Rice. I almost thought that Todd Dodge had a chance to save his job. Games like this make me wonder if he could have, in fact, done so. If we played the “Coming into this season, if I… Read more »

Canales Try-Out Series: Game Two vs Troy

Here we go. Last week, after a throttling of hapless Western Kentucky I said we should put a hold on printing out a new head coaching contract for ol’ Chico. If we get a similar result today, I think maybe we can at least think about formatting said contract.

MTSU v Troy 10.5.10

Horrible game. Dwight Dasher’s return was supposed to ignite the team and especially the offense. That did not happen. What we saw instead was Troy slowly putting a slow squeeze on the poor Middle Tennessee offense in route to a dominating effort. Throughout the game I felt Troy was not as impressive so much as… Read more »