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Meh: North Texas 24 LaTech 45

NT came out for homecoming and played a very average game against one of CUSA’s best offenses. It was not nearly enough.

Oct 25 16 HC Press Conference

Favorite quotes: “Took another step. Didn’t play great in all three phases.” “Looking forward to this week two programs … with new head coaches, trying to instill core values and culture. Very similar.” “Was a little worried they would not start as fast because of jet lag. They were juiced up down in the lobby.…

North Texas Offense Progress

While charts are useful, sometimes they are just silly ways to look at things you already know. Here are some charts that tell you things that you already know, but in a handy visual way. What stands out immediately is how similar the 2016 and 2014 version of NT are. The 2014 team was famously…