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2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl Preview

Surprise is important in football. One of the reasons #WakeyLeaks was effective was because the guy leaked trick plays and formations that were only used in preparation, but not in games. Teams usually only meet once per season and the slightest edge gained by surprise can turn a game. North Texas is in a relatively… Read more »

Littrell on the Little Ticket

Seth Littrell joined Robert Wilonksy and David Moore on the ticket this afternoon. He touched on the transition of a new coach, praised the team for buying in. He credited his own experience with Bob Stoops in 1999 for giving him some insight into the thought process of a player and a completely new system… Read more »

Axed: NT 24 UTEP 52

North Texas was destroyed by Aaron Jones and his friends and now has to hope to go bowling via the side door.

SL Press Conference 11.22.16

Seth Littrell had his weekly press conference yesterday. There was lots of talk about being this close to the six wins after outside expectations had this team much lower. He mentioned Willy Ivery’s ball security, and how well he played otherwise. Mason Fine is day-to-day, but we learned today that Alec Morris will start. Jeff… Read more »