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MGN at #CUSAKickoff2017

Folks, your third favorite NT blogger was out in Irving today talking with Seth Littrell, Jeff Wilson, and KiShawn McClain. I have some quotes of varying quality. By the end of the day players from every team were visibly beaten down by the barrage of questions touching on the same thing. Other media jumped in… Read more »

Seth’s Big Pay Day

North Texas gave Seth Littrell a raise, more years, and an adjusted buyout provision that makes it fairer for both sides. Wren Baker and company are now paying the Head Football Coach something near the top of the conference, which is a good place to start. The immediate attainable goals for the program are winning… Read more »

2017 Coaches Caravan: San Antonio

I said I would be there and I kept my word. I felt like I was looking super fly but I will reserve final judgement until I see the official photos. The other stops in the caravan were more well-attended than this one, and it seems the information passed along was robust and straight-forward. All… Read more »

Vito: New Seth Littrell Contract

Vito DRC reports that Littrell has a new contract that will keep him here for five more years — well that is the hope, isn’t it? My gut tells me this is — at least partly — about keeping assistants. “This new contract represents an aggressive move to keep coach Littrell, his staff, and their… Read more »

2016 Football Season Recap

I flirted with the idea of recapping the season after UTEP, and then again after the HOD Bowl. Niether felt right, as we were too close to the results. We just signed the next class, and so a look back is timely, as Spring camp is near and we will essentially begin looking toward the… Read more »

2016 Heart of Dallas Bowl Preview

Surprise is important in football. One of the reasons #WakeyLeaks was effective was because the guy leaked trick plays and formations that were only used in preparation, but not in games. Teams usually only meet once per season and the slightest edge gained by surprise can turn a game. North Texas is in a relatively… Read more »