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Media in 2018 is much different than the utopian dream of the internet we all had back in the early days. Your Favorite Mean Green Blogger came of age when dial up was still a thing, so I am old. I remember the time before Facebook and yes, I did use MySpace.

Before we were all trying to get Google and Facebook to notice us, bloggers relied upon sharing links themselves. You found out about something cool the very old fashioned way: through word-of-mouth. More truthfully, you found out by link-on-blog. The blogs I read and thought were cool would link to something they saw and thought was cool and worth my while. If it was not good, then I would be less likely to follow up on a recommendation. If it was great I would be (probably) add the other site to my rotation. It was organic and natural.

This blog tries to maintain that ethos by linking to some places worthwhile and useful to you. When googling is a verb, you can usually just find what you are looking for by asking Google for what you want. Very few click on the links there.

The problem, as evidenced in this great piece by Molly Osberg on Gizmodo, is that when you let big giant Search Engines or Social Networks be gatekeepers for your traffic, you become subject to their whims.

Facebook coopted the most powerful recommending engine in nature — our proclivity to believe our closest family and friends when they give us a recommendation — and put it into an algorithm. Osberg’s story is hilarious in a very cynical way in that an entire company was set up to figure out the best way to game Facebook, all the while oblivious to the fact that Facebook never cared about them — or us — at all.

In light of this, I want to remind you to recommend this blog by copying the URL and pasting it into a message client — email, iMessage, SMS, WhatsApp, etc — and sending it to someone you think would enjoy it. Bookmark the site in your browser — yes, you can do it on your phone also. This site has an RSS feed also, so if you have something like Feedly or some other RSS Reader you can do your own aggregation. Do not rely on Reddit, or Facebook, or Twitter. None of those companies care about you, even if they know everything there is to know about you.

I am a millennial in that I do think it is better to have a personal, meaningful interaction than to be game-ified and sold. I do not write click-bait articles because I do not want to insult your intelligence. Still, I want more people to find this and read it so I am relying on you to do so.

Perhaps you can start by sending the link to the 2018 MGN Season Preview. It’s only $9.99 and it has 100% good reviews*

* – The people who have read it that were talking to me in person.

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Put It In Context

It seems we have readers!

There is a reason the official poll is cited in the preseason. It’s picked by the coaches (or someone representing them) and sets the tone for the upcoming season, not some conglomeration of random preseason magazines and websites.

What on earth could he be referring to? Well this.

Let me quote myself:

[The Vito post] leaves out the fact that most publications were also “right all along.” Awful. McCarney himself said that he didn’t vote in that thing. I knew when it was released that we would never see the end of auto-journalism citing it as they mentioned UNT was “favored” to win the conference. Any thinking fan, anyone who has any sense, knew that that this wasn’t the case.

The problem I had with Vito and others (mostly others) auto-quoting the coaches poll is that it doesn’t put it all in context. Does “some conglomeration of random” polls necessarily add to the discussion? Nope. Am I advocating for a complete dismissal of the coaches’ poll? No. Similarly, do we just dismiss the random conglomeration of CUSA media opinions? No.

A better option would be to place it all in context for we the readers.

“Hey, CUSA coaches picked UNT to finish first. This is important because CUSA coaches are generally [terrible/awesome] at picking the field. This is interesting because this [preselected group of media that beat writer places value in] poll says this. Here is how they compare. Also, here is what I think.”

Why do this? Well it gives us a better idea of what it means to be picked first by the coaches besides being picked first by the coaches or-maybe-their-lackey.



I’m taking a cue from Deadspin/Gawker here. It’s good to take stock and improve on things. I have had a lot of ideas that have backfired or were not feasible. I do this so it can be read by people that aren’t me so to that end, let’s see what you think.

What is your ideal Mean Green site?

Leave your feedback below in the comments, the forum, or email at


Updates To Site

I found some time to make some improvements to the site here and there. Not least of which was re-vamping the “forum.” I’ve jokingly posted a version of a message board a few times. I took them down after they got spammed to death. Recently, I integrated Buddy Press to allow some conversation beyond comments, emails, and twitter (all of which are surprisingly lively). That didn’t go anywhere.

Still, I think any site that calls it self “—-Nation” should have some kind of community gathering-place set up — however unused. So I revived the message board. for that reason.

I also did it as part of a greater revamp that will take place since Greg Goedecker joined forces. There will be more changes and hopefully cooler stuff as we obsessively follow UNT sports.

Let it be known that if you want active community talk then you will need to head over to Go Mean Green That is the all-consuming, brightest, gas-giant with all-encompassing gravity to which every North Texas news passes (including discarded domain names) by would-be “competitors”. That is to say it is the most popular message board related to North Texas Athletics. I have an account there. I occasionally post.

At best this site will be something akin to this: Mean And Green Forums and at worst it will be this: CSNBBS North Texas


Become Part of Mean Green Nation

A few of you have reached out to me about writing for the site. Some of you have already written some good stuff. The process usually involves trading emails and log-in information. I want to make it easier for some great UNT writing to get to the internet. While the most die-hard and some of the best stuff is on, it is a forum and those things get buried.

From now one you can post freely on MGN — sort of.

Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile and post in the forum.

So if you have designs on writing on the internet about UNT, this is another option for you. Jump in the forum, and start plugging away. Once you’ve shown you aren’t a crazy and passed English class you can get leveled up.


Go Mean Green


Message Board

I have brought forth a message board. There is room for more than one North Texas board in this world and dammit, they don’t all need to have a voting system.

Use it. Don’t use it. It is fine with me. It very likely will be just me in there asking the admin to delete myself.

Forum Link

Football General

Linkidge 3.26.12

We have dates and times for spring practice. If you are so inclined, you should check out Bret Vito’s blog for those. We won’t be getting too much information from this thing.

Prediction: one side of the ball will not look as good as advertised, which causes panic on the message boards.

I’m not knocking the value of spring ball. We the fans aren’t getting much out of this besides entertainment. Which is fine. It is a good time to take the kids out and make new fans.

The interesting news? That would be the Alliance dying . . . sort of.

The NCAA told the MWC and C-USA that it would award the merged league only one AQ berth to postseason events. So instead of two 8-10 team leagues and two AQs, there would be one 16+ team league with only one AQ.

Who in the hell wants something like that?

So we have tons of rumors and scenarios to sort through. I still don’t feel up to that. As anything else in college football, the ca$h is the Piper, yo. It killed the Alliance idea, and will guide the selections and expansions going forward.

We’ve known this forever. My favorite rumor is that UNT-to-CUSA rumor that could place us with Tulsa and Rice. Sweet. Rivals!

More links:

Yahoo — Doc Saturday


San Diego 

In self-referential news, I am still in the planning stages of the Mean Green Nation Podcast. Yes, if you hadn’t heard, I will be waxing radio voice on the internets. I just need committable recording schedule and perhaps a co-host.

I’ll keep you posted.


Meanwhile you can get an idea of what it will sound like on and

Also? The forum is re-opened. Sort of. Like last time, I was messing around with stuff and wanted to test some forum stuff. So it is up there being unused again. Enjoy/ignore it at your leisure.


Self Reference Update

I was rightly called out in twitter for not commenting on the tournament. This will be rectified shortly.

Short version: well, it wasn’t amazing. We came out with a awesome win, a nice win, and a tough loss. The best thing the team will take away from this is the sense of team that invariably comes with a trip. Also, California is nice.

Football Football Recaps

Week 2 v Rice — preview time

I’ve been perusing some of the preview stuff for this week’s game. There are lots of comparisons of the two teams, talking about how similar they are as a team and how similar they looked in the week one games.


Let’s look at what we know:

Texas came out of the gates looking to keep it simple. Mack wanted to run the ball and let his much hyped defense handle the young Rice squad.

That is pretty much what happened.

The score and the stats are misleading. Rice had no chance. Texas dominated and led 24-3 at the half. Their freshy quarterback was no threat, and knowing that, Texas shut down McGuffie and Smith.

Clemson came out and continued their streak of not stopping the run. Lance tore them up for 116 yards. They relied on the big play (read: talent) to beat the Green. Pretty poor showing overall. What does that say, though? It says that Clemson was playing down to the competition.

So, although the scorelines were similar, the games were very different. Texas beat Rice because of superior talent by design. Clemson was just sloppy. Unfortunately that says more about Texas than it does Rice.

What can we learn then?

Well, Rice has some talent. Not Clemson talent though. Their freshman quarterback is their hope for the future but inexperienced (no shit, huh?). They will score if they can execute against UNT’s defense. I have to say they cancel each other out. No clear advantage either way.

Offensively, Rice was horrible against the run last year. Tre Newton, despite his three scores only averaged 3.9 a carry. Think about that for a second. Texas hasn’t ran the ball well since Ricky Williams. You read that right. There was controversy about the horrid run game when Ced Bedson was a frosh. He didn’t start, Ivan Willams did and did a serviceable job. Texas only ran the ball well when their quarterbacks were toting the ball. That 3.9 per may well be more Texas suckitude than Rice formidablity.

I like Lance and his career 5+ ypc average against that defense that has trouble stopping the run. Why? Well, we can run the ball pretty well as a team. It is kind of our thing, apparently. Also, we aren’t completely playing the game close to the vest. Tune is a senior. He knows the system. Despite Canales calling the plays (whom I don’t trust completely despite the decent showing v Clemson) it is still the same offense that Dodge-y runs. I don’t think that UNT is going to play it quite as close to the vest here. At least they shouldn’t. They’ll have a big home crowd ( it is the first game of the season and all those new freshies haven’t been exposed to 50 point home losses yet ), an experienced quarterback and a desperate coach.

Still, despite all that I am skeptical. Probably because my first game in the stands was a 54-2 shellacking.

I am coming around to the fact that we can beat these guys, though. Maybe by Saturday at 6pm after a few drinks I’ll even believe it.



July Summer Update

Again, the dog days of summer and all that good cliché stuff. Good news: NCAA 11 is out today. I played it a little. Like it. Will do it again.

In other news: Rivals saw fit to add wittle ole UNT to its list of Texas schools. Here is Troy Phillips breaking it all down. 

Welcome to, the new home for University of North Texas athletics on the network. UNT, the last FBS/NCAA Division I program in Texas not on Rivals, at last will be represented.

Why now and why Rivals? Let’s tackle that two-part question. Specifically at UNT, traditional media coverage has narrowed the past few years. I should know after covering the athletic department for three years for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Upon leaving there in March of 2009 after 17 years, I wasn’t replaced on the UNT beat and haven’t been since. Traditional media continues to shift heavily toward or be torn asunder by online platforms, so it’s get on or be left by the roadside.

So, there you go. Something about a roadside. I’m down with it. Like he mentions, Rivals has money, is serious and so can actually give us some good coverage. Good times. The Mean Green Report will be lovingly placed on the blogroll to the right of the screen.

You can head there now to read up on what Papa Dodge has to say about stuff. I’ll tell you know that you aren’t going to read anything groundbreaking there. Pretty standard “We’ve been working hard and we are excited about the up-coming season” type stuff. There may be a gem in there that I didn’t catch. I’ll admit that I just skimmed it.

So welcome Mean Green Report. And welcome Village forum and Tower forum.

I kind of have an unofficial policy about not paying for sites. I wonder if having this thing means that I’ll have to be a rivals member now. Crap. [muttering] I bet I can write it off … —- Note* the url doesn’t redirect to, oddly enough. Type in to see what I mean. Click that link though, and I’ve done it for you.