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SI: Big 12 Not Expanding

SI.com This is not news, as it has been all over CFB twitter. While some folks are quick to call the conference a joke, they did manage to get the cash from their TV partners. That was the entire purpose of this excercise in the first place. The plight of the Big 12 is not… Read more »

MTSU Letter to AAC: Please Take Us

DNJ “I know conference realignment is a topic that we all hoped would be set aside for a few years,” Massaro wrote. “But with the Big 12 rumblings of expansion, it appears the dominoes may fall soon. “I will be to the point. If you look at C-USA schools as replacements for American schools who… Read more »

Big 12 To Meet With 17 Schools

ESPN The 17 schools that will make their presentations to the Big 12 include Cincinnati, Houston, BYU, South Florida, UCF, UConn, Memphis, Colorado State, Boise State, Tulane, Temple, East Carolina, SMU and New Mexico, sources said. My gut tells me two will be BYU and Houston, thanks to the latter’s politicking. The article also mentions… Read more »

TV Partners Push Back On Big 12 Expansion

[SBJ] The conference already has announced plans to start a football championship game next year, which could mean another $25 million to $30 million in revenue. Absent a conference channel, the only other way for the Big 12 to significantly grow revenue in the near term is to add schools and activate that pro rata… Read more »

UH Has Fans

As we look at opportunities for Big 12 expansion, I support considering @UHouston for the conference. UH is a huge asset for Texas. — Greg Fenves (@gregfenves) July 21, 2016

Well At Least There’s This

New members won't be getting rich quick. Bowlsby:"There isn’t any question there will be a phase-in from a revenue distribution standpoint." — Chuck Carlton (@ChuckCarltonDMN) July 20, 2016

FAU and MTSU Joining CUSA in 2013

One of the most popular posts on this little corner of the internet is the one I did about CUSA. My thoughts on realignment have always centered on the regional-ness of the games. Having spent my time in Denton without a Texas rival, I am jealous of those new students that will have short trips… Read more »