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QOTD: Who Wins Backup QB Battle?


We all know that the starter will be Alec Morris. We don’t know who the backup will be. Or do we? While I was talking about Turner Smiley, Greg asked the above question.

It is a good question. The best question. What do you think?

DaMarcus Time: WKU 55 UNT 28

Let’s be real, you really didn’t think North Texas was going to bounce back from that 66-7 loss and pull off an upset against the conference’s best team. I wanted to believe. I wanted to be dead wrong.  I wanted to feel like Greg did, but WKU has looked too efficient this month and our…

Handicapping the 2015 QB Race

It is way to early to know with any certainty who will be the starting quarterback for next year. This year is a good example of the fact that the starter on opening day isn’t necessarily the guy who will take the most snaps. Josh Greer started the first three games and was never heard…