SL Press Conference Post SMU

I am headed to a Labor Day BBQ but I will have some thoughts later on the press conference.

For now, here are random observations:

  1. 4th and one was Alec Morris’ call. Interesting. Seth said it was a bad decision and then immediately shared some blame in a way that was more for us to hear him protect his guy. I’m fine with that.
  2. Missed tackles, missed assignments. A lot of things I write about in the recap were mentioned here in his post film discussion. I feel good about that.
  3. Said 2 sacks were on Line, two on backs, one on QB. Interesting.
  4. Lots of unclear thoughts on the qb situation. Said Morris did not play atrociously.

9.29.14 – Danny Mac Press Conference

A real journalist would make his way to the press conference and listen and ask questions. At the very least he would watch the press conference video. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, I am not a real journalist. I did read one one the internet. He posted the following notes. I’ve attached my comments.

See more of Bret Vito’s notes on Danny Mac’s press conference here. He has a video with Kenny Buyers, also.

The good news for UNT is that it could have two veteran defensive linemen back this week. Senior defensive end Daryl Mason has yet to play this year due to an undisclosed injury. Dutton Watson, a key defensive tackle who intercepted a tipped pass in a win over SMU, is also expected to return.

Dutton is a baller. The pass rush was less-than-stellar against La Tech when we needed it to be superb. That said, I’m sure it would have been a different game if there was a North Texas offense that was putting pressure on the Bulldogs.

– McCarney acknowledged that the fate of UNT’s season will hinge on its performance away from Apogee Stadium. UNT is 14-6 at Apogee Stadium under McCarney, but is just 6-15 on the road. McCarney attributed that discrepancy largely to the number of major conference opponents and ranked teams UNT has played on the road during his tenure, including Alabama, LSU, Kansas State and Georgia.

This, and attendance are big issues for Danny Mac. He brings them up often. While it is true that we have played Big Schools that are tough to beat, we’ve also lost to Ohio, Tulane, and MTSU and so on. There have been some decidedly un-Major Conference schools in there, too.

– Both McCarney and new starting quarterback Dajon Williams said he grew and gained experience during an open week after his first start against Nicholls. Williams accounted for five touchdowns against the Colonels.

I think the Open Week was likely more informative and educational than the Nicholls game. The QB switch came at the perfect time. Indiana is good, but definitely beatable. It doesn’t have the pressure of a conference game either. Just the perfect situation to have a QB change.

“I feel a lot better than I did last week, but every week you have to prepare for a different team. I got a lot out of the open week, especially going against the ones. It helped motivate us. We pushed harder and moved the ball. If feel if I can move the ball against them, I can move it against anybody because we have one of the best defenses around.”

– Dajon Williams, UNT quarterback

Way to talk up your defense, while also showing you balled out in practice. I like it.

Hattip to Bret Vito.