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Quick Recap: North Texas 21 Ohio 27 — 9.7.13

North Texas was the underdog and lost. No surprises, right? Well after a good offensive outing against Idaho last week, we all were considering this match up a winnable game. The spread fell to 4 points by last night. It all seemed possible.

So what happened? Disaster? Same ol’ North Texas? Nope. The Mean Green scrapped their way back into the game from a 21-7 hole to a 21-21 tie early in the fourth. Later they put themselves in position to win with 1:23 left and the length of the field to go. It isn’t the most ideal of situations, but as I mentioned on twitter, it’s a chance and that is all you can ask for. As it happens, Derek threw his second interception that ended the comeback and the game.

Derek Thompson played poorly. He was not as sharp or as decisive as he was against Idaho. Fun fact: Neither was Tyler Tettleton.

Which QB is which?

QB1 19/30 239 8.0 2 2 46.1 QBR (ESPN)
QB2 19/29 195 6.7 2 2 55 QBR (ESPN)

If you followed the game then you know the answer is that QB1 is Tyler Tettleton and QB2 is Derek Thompson. Kind of changes the narrative a bit doesn’t it? It can be argued that the run game was the real culprit here. Less than 3.0 ypc? For a run-first team?

The biggest takeaway (buzzword!) is that we hung in with the MAC’s best on their field, in front of a packed house, and nearly stole the game away. Were it not for a pick-six, and two fumbles we might be celebrating the first 2-0 start since 1994. It was a missed opportunity, but wasn’t the same ol’ North Texas way. This wasn’t a blow-out. This wasn’t an embarrassment. It was just a loss against a good team.

Random thoughts as I recover from drinking Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout:

  • Our coaches wearing black while Ohio was donning all-black uniforms was strange.

  • A week removed from the dark green jerseys and I already miss them. The light green thing we are going with isn’t my favorite. Still would love the diving eagle — the son of worm aka SOW– on the helmet.

  • The Vaas guy. He sure had a northeast accent. McCaahnee. So many lulz.

  • Twitter was poppin’. It is my favorite place to watch the game. Mean Green Nation — the concept and the twitter handle –> @MeanGreenNation is growing and it is cool. For all the knocks the school takes for having underperforming name athletic programs, the school pride is growing from when I was a freshman. Awesome.

  • CUSA had a bad week. Losses to Sunbelt teams, New Mexico, and just poor games. The brightest spot may have been UTSA hanging with Okie State and dropping 35(!) on them . . . that is until I saw that Sam Houston State did practically the same thing to A&M in College Station. Looks like those two teams just have porous defenses.

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Go Mean Green.


Gameday Preview: Ohio 9.7.13

Here’s the thing: We didn’t look as good as we could have in that Idaho game. The turnovers, and porous defense stand out in particular. Relative to our recent past, it was fantastic. I don’t want to sound like the

I can’t remember the last time we blew an FBS team out.

Road games are tougher, obviously, and we’ll be facing a much tougher opponent. Whereas Idaho won only three games these last two years, Ohio hasn’t had much experience losing games–especially the ones at home. In fact, they’ve gone 5-1 at Peden every season back to 2009, in which they went 4-2.

The defense, Derek Thompson, and the coaching staff will all be tested this week. Defenses in 2013 need not pitch a shutout ; they just need to teams down. Offenses are prolific and fast and outside of exceptions like Alabama or Notre Dame no one is really successfully defending offenses consistently. That said, look for Ohio to attempt to take advantage of our secondary on long pass plays. NT allowed a 40+ and two 50+ plays against Idaho. If it weren’t for those forced turnovers, it could have been a more stressful game. Zach Orr and company do a great job of containing teams on short stuff but is vulnerable to a big run and long pass because of the aggressiveness of the front seven. It isn’t a terrible strategy if your offense can score some points to back up up.

Speaking of the offense, they were aggressive vs Ohio. I don’t know if we’ll see the same 4th down attempts. I suspect some of that was because they wanted to put on a show for the home fans — no one likes a punt. In Athens, we’ll likely see a more conservative NT squad. Hopefully they won’t need anything dramatic from the offense. Derek Thompson doesn’t need to put up the same stat line as he did last week, but he does need to put in a solid performance. What does that mean? Well, somewhere in the vicinity of 60% passing and no turnovers. That should be enough to keep the ball moving and drives alive. There was some evidence of Coach Chico having a longer leash this season (or feeling comfortable enough with Derek to give him a longer one). Getting the ball out to Brelan and Jimmerson will be key. Frank Solich knows this, too. The road games are where you find out who your real solid supporting cast is. Darius Terrell, Lynrick Pleasant, Carlos Harris and the other guys not wearing #3 had a good debut. We’ll see if they can continue that on the road.

TV: ESPN3 6pm Central

Watching Parties: Various.

Odds: NT opened as a 6.5 point underdog. As of last night the line went down to 4 points.

Prediction: North Texas 31- Ohio 27


College Football Outpost Non-AQ Top Ten 10.1.12

I was invited to vote in this little poll. Here is my ballot and the reasoning behind it, yo.

  1. La Tech 5-0 Beat Houston, Rice, Illinois and Virginia
  2. Ohio 5-0 Still haven’t played anyone
  3. ULM 2-2 Lost to Baylor, Auburn by combined 8 points
  4. Boise St 3-1 Loss 17-13 to a good MSU, but NM gave them trouble
  5. Utah St 4-1 Loss to Wisconsin by two!
  6. Nevada 4-1 Lost to USF week 2 by one. Beat Cal. Struggling with Tx St/ Northwestern St.
  7. WKU 4-1 Loss to ‘Bama, Beat Kentucky, So Miss and came back v ASU on road!
  8. Northern Illinois loss to Iowa at neutral location
  9. San Jose State 4-1 Loss to Stanford on road week 1.
  10. Toledo 4-1 Loss to Arizona in OT week 1.

Mentionable: UTSA 5-0, Tulsa 4-1, ULL 3-1, MTSU 3-1, Kent St 3-1


Hey, New Stadium on the way

Denton RC

Finally. I totally agree with Vito’s piece. We have been suckyville. A lot of people have complained, and a lot of people decided to bail instead of fixing it. We are on the way to fixing it.

For the people who ask why Denton sucks as a college town and wonder why we are always second rate, this is your answer. We have had third rate facilities and fourth rate performances. You can’t get people exciting about suckiness.

I wish I could see the stadium as a student rather than an alumnus. Eh. Doesn’t really matter I suppose. I will be there opening day if it kills me.

Can’t wait.

Football Recaps

NT 40 FAU 44

The cries for the backup quarterback have begun!

… and I think they are unfounded. But, lets rate them anyway!

Riley Dodge:

Good: Last night KiDodge went 4/7 for 117 yards. Most of those (69) coming of a bubble screen to Jamaal Jackson. No interceptions and he avoided pressure and turned it into some yardage.

Bad: He missed wide open receivers. I mean he didn’t see them. I know its easier for me, sitting on the fifty to see guys running open, but still. There was a play action pass (at 1:05:00 on espn360) that he threw to the outside guy running a double move. Seemingly just an overthrow (who says he don’t have an arm? Oh wait, the broadcast dudes said that) but what you cannot tell from the replays is that Carey was running free over the middle. The PA drew the linebackers up and the safety was playing deep coverage. All he had to do was drop it in there for at least a 20 yard gain.

There was one more where he was scrambling right and saw Outlaw on the sidelines. He tried to lead him up the field but missed him because of miscommunication. I put that on him. As a receiver, you’re standing there and you don’t know where the QB is going to throw it. You can try moving up field but the pass could be where you used to be. If he wants to lead him up the field he should have put it on his upfield shoulder. It makes all the difference. He can catch it and and run that way in one motion.


Good: He went 13/17 129 yards and a score.

Bad: More missed receivers. I get the feeling that Tune, for all his cool-under-pressure-praise (he is a junior-he should be cool under pressure) he leans on his first option and doesn’t come off it until its too late or just dumps it off after it isn’t open.

Look at that last drive for an example. Big moment. On third and seven he forces it to Outlaw who is blanketed by the defender. He does a mechanically unsound falling back throw. There was no pressure. No need to hurry the throw. If he would have come off that read and looked to the guy running across the middle, he would have probably had a big gain.


Although there are lots of doubts about the coaching staff. Whatever your feelings on those guys you have to allow the fact that they know what they want their quarterback to do and have decided, based off of lots of practice reps, that Riley does those things better.

From what I’ve seen, Riley can throw those long passes. He isn’t seeing the field as well as even Tune is because he is a freshman. He lacks experience. Rarely in high school do you have to go throw all your reads. The biggest knock on him is that he is not living up to our lofty expectations. Looking at his performance I think we can say that he is doing a pretty damn good job for a redshirt freshman.

Don’t compare him to Colt McCoy who had a national championship team around him. Don’t compare him to Gio Vizza either, because this is a different schedule and different team than three years ago.

So yeah.


MGN Takes on the Competition: Ohio and Wins!

Here is the game:


MGN Takes on the Competition: Ohio

Hey everyone! Remember me? Well tonight friday night at 6pm I will be taking on Budweiser_5 from the bobcatattack board!

Figured alot of people are watching opening night right now.