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Still No Offense: SMU 31 NT 13

I really could just get last season’s recap of the Texas game and swap out the ‘Texas’ words for ‘SMU’ words. Let’s try the first couple of grafs. North Texas and the fans and students thereof came to Austin Dallas expecting to give Texas SMU a run for their money in DKR-Texas Memorial Gerry Ford… Read more »

Inside the Numbers: North Texas Offense Must Improve Explosiveness

Last year North Texas averaged a whopping 4.9 yards per play. That would rank them around 101 out of 128 teams. It ranked them 11th in CUSA. It was painful to watch an offense that was limited in explosiveness. How many of y’all turn on the TV on a College Football Saturday afternoon and saw… Read more »


Greg and BillySee ask questions and answer them. Five topics. Two Mean Green Fans. One Post.

Lets Analyze: UNT Offense

The UNT offense was abysmal through the first 3 games. So the coaches made a switch to the young QB Dajon Williams. How has that move played out so far? I’d say pretty damn good. Explosiveness and efficiency are both up, which are two key factors in determining games. I know Nicholls helped pad the… Read more »

MGN Film Room: Texas

MGN Film Room takes a look at some plays from the Texas game in gif form. Pronounced with a hard ‘G’ because I’m a rebel.

2014 Preview: Offensive Outlook & Coaching Staff

Editor’s note: The following is part 3 of the comprehensive Season Preview Breakdown that can be found here, in pdf form. Follow @MGN_Breakdown for more stuff from Greg and @meangreennation for more MGN. See Part 1 here See Part 2 here * On the offensive side of the ball UNT will be trying to replace… Read more »