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3Q update – Rice Sept 11 2010

Forgive me sportsfans. I didn’t mention that I am at the game and won’t be liveblogging today. You can always check out Vito’s blog at the DRC, TMGR by Phillips or follow The NT Daily’s twitter feed (@NTDailySports). With just my phone I gotta stick to commentary. @aztecskin. Keep refresh at te end of the… Read more »

Sept 4 2010 v Clemson liveblog

Whew. What a half huh? No? Surprises:  We are not down 50. We out gained them 238-228. We haven't turned the ball over The defense is playing well.  Regrets:  If we didn't blow the tackles on Ellington he wouldn't have scored.  If we didn't blow the coverage on the deep Parker pass, he wouldn't have… Read more »