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Link: If you’re going to recruit in Texas …

Sam Khan Jr,  writing for ESPN: But, still, it comes at a price. When tweets show a college coach’s interaction with a trainer or 7-on-7 coach, it validates them in the eyes of the players and raises eyebrows among high school coaches. “In the state of Texas,” Hardeman said, “that’s a problem.” It’s a reminder… Read more »

Link: FAU’s Kendall Briles to Houston

Over on CUSA Report: If you want to call this a referendum on FAU and the league’s standing you can. The FAU program got a league championship and numerous offensive records out of Briles, and he got a reputation cleansing (he likely was not getting a job any where else) and a ticket back home…. Read more »

ESPN: A Week With Kiffin

Lane Kiffin ESPN Article Lane Kiffin was a good hire for FAU and is doing good there. He and Seth Littrell are markedly different in a lot of ways and that is good for this league and this budding cross-division rivalry.

WVU’s All Or Nothing Defense

Ian Boyd at Football Study Hall NT does not face the same extreme execution from CUSA defenses, but the 3-3-5 is built for this kind of high risk / high reward kind of thing. Defenses in the modern era focus more on the red zone and/or getting big TFLs early in downs.

Grant Taylor of The Herald-Dispatch Previews North Texas

link North Texas goes into 2016 as a virtual unknown – from scheme to personnel to identity.Given how bad the team has been, it might not be a bad idea to just wipe the slate completely clean and start over. He’s not wrong. Junior running back Jeffrey Wilson became the season’s offensive highlight, rushing for… Read more »

New Helmets for 2014

Bret Vito tells us that the Diving Eagle is our official helmet look this season, complete with picture. Finally, our long script-based nightmare is over. Unfortunately this means I will need to buy another $30 model helmet to be a cool guy.  

Opponent Watch: SMU’s QB Situation

Over on Underdog Dynasty, the giant bucket into which all non-p5 members are blogged about, 1 Kyle McDonald writes about SMU’s life post-Garret Gilbert. He mentions that name a ton. Who would have thought that Garret Gilbert would be pined-for after his colossal failure at Texsa. Yours Truly will be tossing in some CUSA and… Read more »