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ESPN: A Week With Kiffin

Lane Kiffin ESPN Article

Lane Kiffin was a good hire for FAU and is doing good there. He and Seth Littrell are markedly different in a lot of ways and that is good for this league and this budding cross-division rivalry.

One More FAU Thought

We have to close the book on the last game. It will be useful to look back when and if the time comes where FAU is the opponent. Until then there is much to play for and little to learn from continually picking at the scab. Still, lots of questions were asked, fireings were suggested,…

Reality Check: NT 31 – FAU 69

North Texas played an awful game and FAU took complete advantage. FAU put up 804 yards of offense, including 447 yards on the ground and 357 yards in the air. Their defense intercepted Fine twice, and jumped on one of the two NT fumbles. The game was 41-7 at half. How did the number one…

2017: FAU Preview

North Texas is the best team in CUSA right now. We can write that confidently knowing that CUSA is a flawed league with some really good talent, coaches, and teams mixed in with the worst of the worst. The very best — NT — are but a season removed from sub .500 seasons and so…

Deadspin: Lane Kiffin Called Players ‘Dumb’


While an account from an Alabama employee that makes Saban look like he’s the good guy sticking up for his player may be a bit dubious, the important thing to remember is that regardless of cause, the end result here—Lane Kiffin getting owned—is still very good.

Lane Kiffin’s time as a FAU head coach will be interesting.