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North Texas vs Houston Cancelled Due To Covid-19

Four North Texas players reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 and the game this weekend against Houston will be cancelled. No doubt Dana Holgorsen will want to “chirp” about this game as well. He already irked the Baylor athletic director Mack Rhoades with his comments. North Texas announced the cancellation today. The program reportedly had two…

NT vs Houston: Half-time Notes

North Texas moved the ball in the first series against Houston, but stalls out midfield. That was North Texas most successful series until a field goal in the second quarter. Houston then took over the quarter, putting pressure on the North Texas offensive line. UNT’s plays developed too slowly for Mason Fine to get a…

North Texas vs Houston Preview

This has been an strange week. The Houston Cougars star QB D’Eriq King abruptly announced that he is redshirting the rest of this season — a prelude to a transfer perhaps — that would remove him from the upcoming game vs North Texas.  Incredibly, his backup is Clayton Tune, Hebron HS’s own steps into the…

Houston QB D’Eriq King to Sit Out NT Game, Season | Updated

Breaking news from Joseph Duarte of the Chronicle:

King is the best player on Dana Holgerson’s offense and one of the most dynamic players in the nation. He just broke the NCAA record for consecutive games with a passing and rushing TD at 15 in the loss to Tulane.

North Texas was going to have a big challenge ahead of them but this makes things much easier.


There are developments. Apparently we will figure out if he is really leaving later this afternoon.

Finally, it is official. He is out for the year. So is WR Corbin.

Home Field Advantage

Apogee Record is good, so why are we only playing five next year?

North Texas 21 Houston 44 10.6.12

I don’t believe in the transitive property in football. That is to say that I don’t believe that beating a team means you are better than some other team that lost to them. So we are not worse than Texas State, the team that opened the year by shellacking Houston in San Marcos. The way…

North Texas 14 Houston 31 Halftime

Well Houston looked even better than they did last year in Denton when they had Casey Keenum. Lining up quickly executing perfectly, Houston jumped out to a 17-0 score while North Texas was looking very much like they have been the last few weeks. That is to say, without a whole lot of excitement in…

Experience The New Mean Green

Totally awesome because I am an alumnus. I must admit that I am not really that excited about the green helmet with “North Texas” on the sides. I maintain that it looks like a placeholder for the logo. nTm imagines it this way: Designer 1: Once we get the new logo files in, they’ll go…