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Mid-Summer Research

If you are like me, you are enjoying this wonderful summer filled with World Cup matches, sun, fun, and friends. I took a gander at the calendar and what did mine eyes see? Well, July 7th, y’all and you know what that means: UNT Football begins play in less than two months. That means fall…

Ball State Watching Party — San Antonio

What: Mini Watching Party. Mini because there isn’t a very large contingent of UNTers in this area. Where: Buffalo Wild Wings at Legacy. Headed to Hooters nearby. Aggies and Elephants packed BWW. When: 3pm. Game time. So let it be written. So let it be done. Tweet at me if you decide to take the…

GMG Podcast With RV

In my short time on the internet blogging and whatnot, I’ve seen lots of different reactions to fan-made “content”. Some organizations shun the very idea, some embrace it. Athletic Director Rick Villareal is in the latter category. He joined the guys from gomeangreen.com — the most popular UNT-related message board in the game — for a little chat about a lot of things.

Some highlights include the fate of Fouts reliefs, discussion of the as-yet-non-existant baseball team, getting to six home games a year, home dates, throwback uniforms and more.

Good stuff by those guys.

On a related note, we’ll be re-starting up the MGN podcast as the season nears. Stay tuned.

[Link to GMG podcast]