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2016 Season Preview Addendum: Late 2016 Additions

The roster situation has forced Seth Littrell and staff to make late additions to the team, here’s an update to the season preview. Learn a little bit more about guys who have made progress in fall camp and about others who are making an appearance in headlines recently. Eric Jenkins – A great addition – and…

#CampLitt Update 1

Fall camp has begun. We can begin obsessing over amateur reports of amateurs. Already, retirees are filing internet reports of the goings on of #CampLitt. For you olds, that is the millennial way to refer to Littrell’s fall camp. At times it feels like all of college football marketing can be summed up thusly: But…

It is Report Day

Things are good. As my wife and better half said today “Anything is possible, it is such a great feeling”. So it is.