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Johnny Jones is happy

If you hadn’t noticed, MGN has been rather silent on matters lately. Just a small little break for personal matters (car accident and parents coming up for Christmas).

So what did I miss? Well, it seems that we went to the Pete Maravich Center for a little combo Johnny Jones — Josh White homecoming and kicked the Tiger’s ass. Did you know we hadn’t beaten an SEC team in ANYTHING up to this point? What the hell?!

So, we are sitting here at 10-2 with a nice win over a name team. Sure, LSU sucks ass this year, and sure no one is really impressed when you look closely. Hell if you don’t know who LSU is though.

I won’t get into a This Is Good For The Program speech, but it means good things. Good things, yo.

Fo sho.

Now then. Tonight we play OK-Panhandle State. Exactly. A WhoInTheHell team. We should rock them by 30. No. Let’s win by 50 and get one of those wins that Big 12(ten) teams get versus these guys.

Is that too much to ask?


McCarney’s Staff

It is really hard for me to care about this but here you go:

So, this is the lineup so far:

OC/quarterbacks: Canales
Running backs: ?
Receivers: Quartaro
Offensive line: Frye
Tight ends: Riddle
DC/safeties: Bowen
Defensive line: Nelson
Linebackers: ?
Cornerbacks: Gaines
Special teams: Riddle
Strength/conditioning: Wintrich


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Dan McCarney Era Begins

Dan McCarney (Yeah it’s a screen shot so what?)

Danny Mac can sure talk a good game, huh? I’ve heard that he can give a good performance at press conferences but I’d never seen one live. What got me was the ‘Why not North Texas?” speech.


The icing of course was the announcement that he is retaining Mike Canales, the fan favorite candidate for the coaching gig before Danny Mac got the job.


Dan McCarney and his Contract

Rumors were that the thing was nearly $500,000. Vito is reporting that that is the case.

It is considerably more than we paid Papa Dodge. It is fitting of an experienced coach who led a relatively prominent program to relatively high places.

I had this to say about the whole thing:

It is mighty tempting to wish Mike Canales would stay. Listening to his post-game interview, he certainly sounded like a guy that wanted to be here. That means a lot, though apparently not enough for AD Rick Villarreal. Sounding hoarse, from screaming out instructions to his team in tightly contested game on chilly Saturday afternoon, Canales professed his love for North Texas, his love for, and belief in, ‘the kids.’ These last five games have not been obviously impressive. You have to compare them to the poor play under Dodge to appreciate the changes that were made. Isn’t that what we want? A coach that can coach? A guy that puts us in a position to win, promotes the program and gets the guys to buy in? Yes to all of those. Canales sure looks like he could build/rebuild a program.

McCarney has already done so. There is no doubt Chuck Neinas had a mandate to find a coach that had a successful resume in leading a program. How was RV going to sell another (kind of) unproven coach to the donors?

It sucks. For Canales and for those who were rooting for him. He had five games to prove himself, he did admirably and won over more than his fair share of supporters. If circumstances were different we might be discussing how he was going to continue his nice little run into next year. As it is, we will be discussing how Dan McCarney is going to carry on the good things Canales has put in place.

I stand by that. I hope that Danny Mac steps up and makes us forget Canales. There is no doubt there is good things in store for the program. It is odd considering our record the last five seasons.


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UNT Heads Into The Phog: North Texas at Kansas Preview

That’d be the Phog and the Phog

Phog Allen was born Forrest Clare Allen in 1885. Which would make him125 years old, yesterday.

Who is this man that led the University of Kansas to name their basketball arena after him? Well, he was pretty awesome. A quick browse of his Wikipedia page lets us know that he won three college basketball titles, helped found the NCAA tournament, led the football team to a 5-2-1 record at one point, helped recruit Wilt Chamberlain and coached something like four HOF coaches and also, Bob Dole.


Keeping Mike Canales

Should we keep the guy based of the 33-6 beat down over perennial fodder Western Kentucky?

The answer is no.

Should we keep the guy if he runs off three or four wins against the conference plus K-State?

The answer is maybe.

Will we?


Riley Dodge Breaks Wrist

The ridiculousness continues. Brett Vito says Riley has broken his non-throwing wrist.

Our top three quarterbacks have been injured. According to Todd Dodge, Chase Baine will be taking the primary snaps this week in preparation for the self-hating Arkansas State Red Wolves.

Not good news for this star-crossed team. To be fair, Dodge may be able to play if he can sport a cast instead of getting surgery. It is another injury for Dodge, who by my unofficial count has had shoulder surgery that ‘ended’ his career at quarterback as it was thought he would not get the full strength back. He miraculously recovered — or perhaps there was another reason for the switch?– in time to rescue the team from a quarterback scarcity following the injuries to Nathan Tune and Derek Thompson.

In any case, after performing horribly (along with the rest of the Mean Green) as the emergency quarterback vs Army when Thompson went down with a  leg injury, he has played exceptionally well for a guy without a quarterback’s arm.

In two full games as the starter he has completed 70% of his passes for 337 yards and 4.15 yards a carry with six total scores. Not bad, huh? Add to that his relative clutch-ness and heady play as the signal-caller and you realize this is a pretty significant blow for our guys in green.

Despite claims to the contrary, Riley has been a leader in his own way. You don’t take your offense on a (seemingly) game tying 91-yard drive in the waning minutes of the final quarter if you can’t lead anyone. You also don’t throw corner routes if you don’t have an arm. Even if he can’t chuck it 70-yards from his knees, he can put the ball on the money. In the final drive against Louisiana-Lafayette Kid Dodge knew when to pass, when to run, and when to throw the ball away.

Really, that is all you can reasonably ask for: a playmaker that doesn’t make mistakes.

Now, before you start pointing out his many flaws, remember I am not saying the guy is our best player–Lance Dunbar has something to say about that– but I am saying that he gives us a chance, one that we might not have with the unproven youngster this week.

Also — if you are going to throw out some bonehead plays Riley Dodge has made , remember Vince Young on the drive before his signature drive against USC nearly lost the game by throwing into triple coverage–USC just dropped the pass.


Getting Lance More Carries

In the middle of the third quarter I checked the ESPN stats to see Lance's stats. He had nine carries for 67 yards. In the third quarter. To be fair, he did have a couple of catches. I counted three for eight yards. Wow.

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Getting Lance More Carries

In the middle of the third quarter I checked the ESPN stats to see Lance's stats. He had nine carries for 67 yards. In the third quarter. To be fair, he did have a couple of catches. I counted three for eight yards. Wow.

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UTSA vs UNT — Recruiting Angle

There has been some concern that UTSA may overtake UNT in the race for college supremacy.  The angst is building at every new hint of a rumor about the RoadRunners adding a new player, or coach, or game.

Although think it is sensible to look at UTSA as a potential threat to UNT, it is equally sensible to not freak out about it.

I take a more middle-ground stance about UTSA. Sure, San Antonio has advantages, but so does Denton. When you are talking to a recruit — he likely isn’t excited by visits to the Alamo and Sea World. Denton’s mini-Austin like feel? Yeah. Dallas’ douchebag bars ? Yep. More chicks? Yes.

Fans have been looking at all the teams scheduled to play in the Alamodome: Teams like Houston, Arizona State, Arizona, Baylor, and Kansas St and wondering why we can’t get those guys in there.

Without knowing anything about UTSA’s scheduling process, I’d wager the schools that are lined up to visit are either a) planning on backing out or b ) looking to showcase their program to San Antonio high schoolers.

Why would a team want to come to a crappy stadium like Fouts? If you have to schedule a road game against a crappy team, you might as well schedule one in a decent stadium.

The good news is that we will have a bad-ass stadium with which to woo in the very very near future. Take heart, freaked out NT fan, 2011 is almost here.