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Mike Jinks: Coaching Candidate

Mike Jinks is being discussed heavily after Bret Vito reported he submitted his resume for consideration as the North Texas Head Coach. This is pretty much exactly what he wanted and I cannot blame him. Now that his name is on a list, we have to check him out to see if he is worthy… Read more »

DaMarcus Time: WKU 55 UNT 28

Let’s be real, you really didn’t think North Texas was going to bounce back from that 66-7 loss and pull off an upset against the conference’s best team. I wanted to believe. I wanted to be dead wrong.  I wanted to feel like Greg did, but WKU has looked too efficient this month and our… Read more »

Canales Intro Press Conference

http://youtu.be/0nvch2OEXGQ Mike Canales begins his second term as Interim HC, nearly 5 years exactly from his previous stint after UNT fired Dodge in October 2010.