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FWST: North Texas Made The Right Coaching Choice

Mac Engel talked with UNT President Smastresk about the hire. The juicy bit was this part: “I’m not going to throw (former UNT athletic director Rick Villarreal) under the bus on this because he wasn’t opposed to it,” UNT President Neal Smatresk said in a phone interview. “TCU was on fire then, and still is…. Read more »

Mike Jinks: Coaching Candidate

Mike Jinks is being discussed heavily after Bret Vito reported he submitted his resume for consideration as the North Texas Head Coach. This is pretty much exactly what he wanted and I cannot blame him. Now that his name is on a list, we have to check him out to see if he is worthy… Read more »

3 For Thursday (Talking Recruiting)

1. Recruiting going forward this year. North Texas is kind of in a tough spot right now. The next head coach won’t have much to hold onto as far as guys that North Texas has committed right now. He will have to hit the ground running and try to flip a bunch of guys or… Read more »