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Golden Triangle Fallout

Per Vito on the 23rd – First off, Antoinne Jimmerson and Freddie Warner will be with the Mean Green for spring practice. McCarney said the issue has been handled internally and that both had done some community service. Their arrest was pretty much the Friday Bad News Dump equivalent eh? Right after the season ended, in… Read more »

Addition and Subtraction

The most memorable moment this season had to be Antoinne Jimmerson skipping through the Louisiana-Lafayette defense to score on a screen pass on ESPN2. He was elusive, and the fan favorite in the backfield. He also tried to steal some clothes at Golden Triangle Mall today. He and Freddie Warner, he of the double-knee injury,… Read more »

North Texas 24 South Alabama 14 11.9.12

If you can’t appreciate a win, you aren’t doing it right. Or something like that. I appreciate this win because I’ve been through my share of losses and I know a loss to South Alabama would be worse than the poorest of wins. Wins aren’t always fun to watch. Sometimes — like today — they… Read more »

North Texas 30 ULL 23 10.16.12

That was awesome. North Texas defended home territory in front of 17K-22K fans (depending on who you believe) and hundreds of thousands watching all across this great land. Antoinne Jimmerson took a screen pass on 3rd and 8 from UNT 22 and scampered 78 yards for the game-winning touchdown. It was his second receiving score… Read more »

North Texas 21 Houston 44 10.6.12

I don’t believe in the transitive property in football. That is to say that I don’t believe that beating a team means you are better than some other team that lost to them. So we are not worse than Texas State, the team that opened the year by shellacking Houston in San Marcos. The way… Read more »

NT 21 KSU 35

And so it goes. As I said in the first half recap, Kansas State came into this game as a 28.5-point favorite. Here at MGN HQ there wasn’t the same feeling of resignation going into Manhattan as there was going into Baton Rouge. This isn’t just because BR is a crazy, scary place as it… Read more »

Spring Game 2012 From Afar

I watched some of the spring game today. You see, instead of making the trip up to Denton this weekend, I spent my money and time at the Oyster Bake eating and drinking and laughing. A good time was had here. From all accounts, a good time was had at Apogee, as well. The Green… Read more »