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MGN Film Room: Texas

MGN Film Room takes a look at some plays from the Texas game in gif form. Pronounced with a hard ‘G’ because I’m a rebel.

2014 Season Preview: Biggest Shoes to Fill

Editor’s note: The following is part 4 of the comprehensive Season Preview Breakdown that can be found here, in pdf form. Follow @MGN_Breakdown for more stuff from Greg and @meangreennation for more MGN. See Part 1 here See Part 2 here See Part 3 here QB Derek Thompson Whoever eventually takes over the QB position… Read more »

North Texas 28 Rice 16 — BOWL ELIGIBILITY!

pic via @Christin_Nicole My favorite statistic is this one: North Texas has only allowed one touchdown in the second half in the last five games. That includes tonight’s game. Rice scored their last touchdown (and point) with nine minutes remaining in the second quarter to take a 16-7 lead. Tonight was epic. It was amazing…. Read more »

First Scrimmage 2013: No QBs

I was not the hugest fan of Derek Thompson’s quarterbacking last season. I cannot think of many outside of his friends, family, and blindly loyal fans that were very excited about the overthrows. I have never seriously called for him to be yanked from the starting lineup – just for a little competition. Maybe we… Read more »