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Some Soccer Shirt Ranting

I like soccer. It is a great game. I like NT women’s soccer, they are very good. It would be cool and fun to wear one of the sweet, awesome UNT soccer jerseys. Here is a screenshot of the current soccer home page. I will buy that jersey there. It is last years’.

Last summer I spent like $80 on a stupid Arsenal third shirt and so I have a demonstrated history of parting ways with my cash for these kinds of things. I am well aware that this is probably just a product of the nike template and I can tell you I honestly do not care. I am happy to pay the cash for the template with the UNT badge on it. Give it to me and I will give you my money. I will buy five of them. One for me. One or my wife. Three for my three burdens children. I might buy eleven others for my rec league team and make us play in them. I don’t know what I would do because I cannot buy them. I have wanted to buy them for as far back as I can remember. No one will let me do it.

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